Did you know there are a variety of libraries and bookstores in Dongguan? If you want to read, there is always one nearby.
The nearly completed Dongguan Basketball Center is known as the “No.1 Stadium in the CBA.”
Golf has widespread and deep rooted in Dongguan. Today, there are around 20 golf courses and clubs in the city. Guanlan Lake has the world’s largest golf cl...
Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery is located on the north-western side of Qifeng Road, covering an area of 3.46 hectares, with a total construction a...
The Dongguan Civil Art Centre was officially opened to the public on 18th March, 2016, becoming another new cultural landmark in the city.
Situated in the downtown are, this is the most comprehensive museum of archaeological collections of Dongguan.  The museum serves several functions: collec...
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